the right to rest
The Right to Rest



creative team

sarah megyesy
Sarah Megyesy
Producer & Director

Recently, a high school classmate of Sarah Megyesy’s said to her, “I never thought the girl who wore basketball sweatpants and Adidas sandals to school would grow up to create documentaries”. It truly was a 180 flip from her jock-like character in high school to the filmmaking student she became at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts. Since deciding filmmaking was her path a little over a decade ago she has never strayed; never once looked back dreaming on what her life could have been as a WNBA all star. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Sarah is now stationed in Denver, CO working as a full time filmmaker and videographer. The Right to Rest is Sarah’s first feature-length film sparking the blaze down the trail of a long career as a documentary filmmaker. Her next project, currently in pre-production, is a film about industrial hemp and farming in Eastern Colorado.

guillermo roques
Guillermo Roqués
Producer & Director

Guillermo Roques (Valencia, Spain) is a filmmaker who has been directing, shooting, and editing narrative and documentary films and videos for more than a decade.
He received his bachelor’s degree in journalism at UCH University in Valencia and a diploma of European Journalism for advanced European students by the European Universities of Aarhus (Denmark) and Utrech (Holland). He also has a Masters of Film Scriptwriting by the UIMP International University. Guillermo has received awards in different international festivals (“Pianola” – Best Movie and Best Actress at the Fediscovi International Festival, Public Award at Quartmetratges 2013; “Empty Set” -1st Place script Quartmetratges 2010-, “The Tow-truck” -Creative Writing Valencia-Bancaixa 2011-, “OMNI” -2nd Place script Quartmetratges 2013, and the short film “Disculpa” -Inquiet 2008. The Right to Rest is his first long feature documentary.

laura goldhamer
Laura Goldhamer
Music & Timelapse Photography

A folk songwriter, guitarist, old-time banjo player, stop-motion animator, & instrument inventor, Laura Goldhamer merges traditional Americana with the avant-garde.

kanitha heng snow
Kanitha Heng Snow

Kanitha Heng Snow is a Cambodian-American writer, thinker, and creator. Kanitha received her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Sociology/Anthropology from Colgate University and her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction from Columbia University. She is currently working on her nonfiction work, Bones: Placement and Displacement, which explores the experiences of three generations of women as they navigate memories tied to the Cambodian genocide. Kanitha spends her time buried in books, fueling her wandering foot, and exploring the wonderful, yet sleepless world of being a new mom to her son, Sam.

kevin larkin
Kevin Larkin
Audio Editing

Kevin Larkin is a composer, performer, producer, educator and a founding member of Denver-based music collective Chimney Choir. His work often explores the intersection of the organic and digital sides of sound, incorporating manipulated field recordings and processed acoustic sources. With Chimney Choir he has written two original ballets for contemporary dance company Wonderbound, arranged and performed with the Colorado Symphony, performed at Ted-X Boulder, and conceived and performed numerous immersive musical experiences including 2016’s (dream) show in collaboration with Colorado Public Radio. The band was also asked to lead Colorado Creative Industries 2015 Detour project, which featured performances and songwriting workshops in communities across the state. He has released two solo albums under the name Pineross and composes ambient/sound collage music under the moniker Aamateur Aastronomy. He has collaborated with filmmakers, dancers, environmentalists, songwriters, and poets. As an educator he has taught mandolin, guitar, computer production and early childhood music education along with performing in schools through the Think360 Arts program. When not working on music, you can usually find Kevin in a hammock somewhere off of 285 searching for Yetis.

Jonah Sublette
Jonah Sublette
Assistant Editor

Hailing from the Rocky Mountains, Jonah is a freelance filmmaker with a passion for editing. He began making films with his parents’ old VHS camera, slowly progressing from silly action comedies to more silly action comedies. Jonah inhabits many environments, and you can find him shooting in green-screen studios as well as beautiful outdoor landscapes. Jonah currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado.

michelle christiance
Michelle Cristiance

Coming soon